Member Protection Policy

Please see below the link to Cricket Victoria’s Member Protection By-law. As stated within the by-law, this applies to all Premier Clubs and includes their officials, coaches and players. The By-law makes position statements on:

  • Child Protection
  • Harassment
  • Sexual Relationships
  • Pregnancy
  • Gender Identity
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Responsible Service and Consumption of Alcohol
  • Smoke-free Environment
  • Social Networking

Preventative action measures are also outlined as is what constitutes a breach. Complaint resolution procedures and what penalties that can be imposed are also detailed.


The appointed Member Protection Information Officers from the MCC are:

  • Wendy Moore - mobile 0411 207 038
  • Nicholas Quinn - mobile 0430 488 332


Cricket Victoria's Member Protection By-law


Various codes of behaviour and policies that we, as a Premier Club, are bound to follow are outlined within the by-law and have been extracted from ‘Attachment E’ and other relevant clauses, namely:


General Code of Behaviour


Appropriate Behaviour with Children Code of Behaviour


Senior Player Code of Behaviour


Coach Code of Behaviour


Administrator Code of Behaviour


Parent/Guardian Code of Behaviour


Social Media Code of Conduct


Racial and Religious Harassment Policy


Harassment and Discrimination


Working With Children Check (WWCC) - Club & Association Guidelines